Tiger Tiger is an innovative learning initiative offering cross-arts, multisensory sessions for adults with additional needs in Birmingham.

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Tiger Tiger is brought to you in partnership with the Open Theatre and is specifically designed for MLD (moderate learning difficulties), SLD (specific learning disability), PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities) and ASD (autism spectrum disorder) groups.

These immersive workshops develop their creativity and understanding in a fun and inclusive environment across an array of art forms, including music lessons, drama and other multisensory activities.

With your support, we can enrich more lives with music and learning and address the gap in provision for adults with complex needs.

Make a difference and support adults with additional needs today.

A Multisensory and Artistic Experience to Support Adults with Additional Needs

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience and enjoy music and art.

Our fun, exciting and immersive workshops, like our recent pirate-themed session, are designed to meet the specific needs of our participants and support their engagement and development.

By supporting this project, you can play a part in addressing a severe gap in provision for adults with complex needs and bring more joy to the lives of others using art and music.

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No matter how big or small, your donation will support adults across Birmingham with additional needs.

why support tiger tiger?

Our Multisensory Sessions for Adults:

  • Boost creativity, communication, and social skills
    Through music, people can make huge strides in their personal development. With immersive communication and social skills, we witness complex constructs and pressures of conventional communication fall away.
  • Improve independence and cultivate confidence
    For some of our adults in session, it can provide a valuable time where they are independent of their carer. This can boost confidence and can develop more meaningful relationships with others through the sessions.
  • Provide a community with unique opportunities
    These multisensory workshops offer a unique experience for the participants to make friends and build relationships with others. Unlike young people, there are fewer opportunities for adults with complex needs.

Empowering Adults with Complex Needs Through the Joy of Music and Art

Tiger Tiger is a project that aims to enhance the lives and experiences of adults across Birmingham who require additional learning support.

Every adult that joins us for a session will:

  • Experience immersive multisensory workshops focused on developing creativity across different art forms.
  • Engage in a wide range of musical activities every week, contextualised within a fun and inclusive multisensory environment.
  • Work alongside experienced practitioners specialised in activities and interaction to scaffold participants’ engagement and development.
  • Enjoy multisensory activities designed to meet their specific needs.

Your support will play a vital part in developing this project aimed at addressing a gap in provision for adults with complex needs. By bringing music to life, we can help enhance the lives and experiences of adults who require additional care and learning support across Birmingham.

Be a part of this project and help us grow Tiger Tiger today.

An Inclusive Experience for Everyone

At Services For Education, we make it our goal to ensure the positive impacts of music are experienced by all. Regardless of background or circumstance, everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy, learn and express themselves through music and art.

The Tiger Tiger initiative assures no one is excluded from the potential musical magic provided by cross-arts and multisensory-based learning.

With professional practitioners offering specific session plans, we aim to serve all types of additional needs through expert and innovative multisensory activities:

  • Activities for MLD

Interactive music-making helps us serve adults with MLD with music and sound stimulation within a structured social setting. Through music lessons and instruments, we encourage individual mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

  • Activities for SLD

Combing music with visual supports enables our practitioners to engage with adults with SLD. Promoting positive experiences with storytelling and narrative helps our adults structure their understanding to build connections.

  • Activities for PMLD

Combining music with storytelling, adults with PMLD can map musical behaviour for creative expression and social interaction. All our PMLD activities try to explore and encourage independence with a musical learning-based approach.

  • Activities for ASD Groups

Our activities for adults with ASD emphasise turn-taking, anticipation, listening, concentration and self/social awareness. We provide the opportunity for adults to play musical instruments and engage in music lessons alongside others.

Why Support SFE Charity?

An Award-Winning Charity Harnessing the Positive Power of Music Since 2012

Since 2012, our award-winning charity has been committed to bringing music and learning to life to create and build confidence among children, young people, adults and communities in Birmingham.

  • We have over 145 highly trained teachers.
  • We offer Free musical instruments to all our pupils.
  • Our online music education resource has exceeded over 6,000
  • 96% of senior leaders rated our trainers as excellent or good.
  • 97% of attendees rated our training as excellent or good.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunities required to reach their full potential and be the best they can be, regardless of their background.

Through Tiger Tiger, we can address the imbalance by delivering innovative multisensory activities to adults with complex or additional needs.

When you donate to Services For Education, you are enriching the lives of thousands of people within the local community and making a big difference in their futures.

“I just wanted to send you a message to say how amazing M and my dad found Tiger Tiger. When I called my dad after work, he was absolutely buzzing about it, and it sounded incredible!”

“Both M and the other participants got so much from it. I had a tear in my eye when my dad was talking to me about how much M communicated non-verbally.”

“I really hope Tiger Tiger is successful for you because it is such a wonderful opportunity you are giving to adults like M. I really hope there is one session in half term so that I can go and get involved too! Congratulations on this amazing project. Best wishes, E xx”

Emily, Carer – Tiger Tiger Project

Know someone who would benefit from tiger tiger sessions?

We run Tiger Tiger sessions at the MAC in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, each week and we still have spaces available for May, June and July.

View our upcoming session dates and book today, via our website, here

Or, for more information, please call Sophie Gray on 07544950218 or email us at hello@servicesforeducation.co.uk.

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