For children with disabilities, the power of music and being able to engage in multi-sensory activities is unrivalled. But for many, it can be difficult to access these opportunities

SFE staff ready for a Tiger Tiger session

Our multi-sensory music and arts sessions were delivered during Easter and Summer of 2023 by experienced music practitioners but were fully immersive for participants, all of whom have profound learning difficulties.

These fun sessions combined music making with an environment designed to engage other senses, enabling participants to build skills and develop their own creative voice.

The workshop had an impact on the children because it brought out the creative side of the children.  It encouraged the children to set out of their confidence zone and take part.  The workshop had different sensory elements that met the needs of all the children – we had a very diverse group.’”

Teacher of participating children


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As well as working with staff, sessions offered new ways for parents and carers to engage with and support their child, helping them continue with the development outside sessions as well as building their own peer support network.

Music activities can help cognitive, communicative, physical and social skills, as well as encouraging self-expression and enjoyment, in turn having a positive impact on emotional wellbeing.


We run Tiger Tiger sessions at the MAC in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, each week.

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An SFE staff member with a Tiger Tiger participant

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