Our “#MusicCan” Campaign Provides Musical Opportunities For Children In Care, In Birmingham

Music is the key to unlocking young people’s potential. #MusicCan #YouCan 


#MusicCan have a profound impact on people all over the world.

It has the power to encourage, transform and inspire, like no other art form can. 

We have a vision in our charity to reach as many young people across Birmingham as possible, sending them on a journey through music, to shape them in to the best people they can be, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

Our #MusicCan campaign exists to promote the huge number of positive effects music has on young people.

We want to raise awareness and important funds to be able to reach more children, enabling change across Birmingham, through music.

Research shows that these changes can come in the form of improving well-being, instilling confidence, increased intellectual development, creating friendships, to name but a few.

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Tel: 0121 366 9950

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