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Music is really important to those with additional needs. It is often the only way those with severe and profound learning difficulties are able to communicate. Through the use of music, we can open routes to communications, interactions and a world outside of themselves. This can be life-changing.

Many special schools believe in the importance and the value of music for their students, but increasingly these schools cannot provide the funding to source music specialists.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver Inspiring Sounds for at least one academic year, in all 27 special schools in Birmingham.


In partnership with University of Roehampton, we have created a brand-new music resource called Count Me In! as part of the Inspiring Sounds project.

Count Me In! is a must-have resource for class teachers, teaching assistants and other non-music-specialist staff supporting children with learning difficulties in special schools and alternative provisions, as well as for musicians from music services, music hubs and other arts organisations who visit schools.

Supported by our findings during the Inspiring Sounds Project, Count Me In! is specifically designed to support non-music specialists deliver music in special schools, though it can be utilised by mainstream schools and staff also. We have gifted the book and accompanying resources to all 27 special schools in Birmingham.

Want to support children with special needs? You can make a difference.

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why we do what we do

At Services For Education, we know that music has a profound impact on children, because we witness it every day.

We have a vision to reach as many children across Birmingham, sending them on a journey through music, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances; music for all.

We want to raise awareness and important funds to be able to reach more people, enabling change across Birmingham, through music.

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“Our students do not easily collaborate so to work together, editing and improving to make music, has been a positive challenge and they are visibly learning and enjoying the experience. It’s the layering of their combined efforts which is lovely to witness.”


“An ASD child has particularly benefitted from the lessons. At the start of the year he was reluctant to answer any requests or take part when asked to demonstrate. He can now respond verbally to the teacher and can demonstrate an action or sound for the class to copy”


“The sessions have engaged some children who find it difficult to sit and focus. All the children love the sessions and have really shown an improvement in their rhythm”


“Children who were normally reserved and who struggle to pay attention during work time, got involved, playing instruments, imitating noises and copying actions in songs. It was amazing to see!”


Want to support children with special needs? You can make a difference.

Make a donation to fund this life-changing project today.

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